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CNC Hydraulic Vertical Grooving Machine From Lzk


This equipment is a full CNC vertical groover. This machine tool adopts advanced CNC system with novel design. It has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, simple operation, low noise and no vibration. This machine is used for V-groove, U-groove and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, iron plate, glue board, acrylic plate and some other special plates.) It is especially suitable for V-groove processing before bending of sheet metal parts.

LZK | Frame structure bed and beam

It adopts frame structure design, tempered after welding, and processed by large CNC gantry machining center as a whole, with good stability and small deformation.

The beam is fixed, and the workpiece is fed into the work table by the feeding mechanism and can be replaced. Ensure that the flatness of the work surface is within ±0.02mm.

立式开槽机 细节图1

LZK | Slotting Machine Control System

EASYCAT metal V-groove planer CNC controller, 15-inch high-definition LCD touch screen operation. The operator is easy to learn and understand, and the positioning is accurate.

立式开槽机 细节图5

LZK | Slotting machine forming alloy knife

Double turret design, two turret bodies are installed with 8 Swedish ASSAB white steel cutting knives at the same time, the maximum cutting depth is 1mm, which is 3 times the efficiency of traditional equipment

立式开槽机 细节图4

LZK | Full hydraulic clamping and pressing device

LZK-NVL type grooving machined parts are fixed by hydraulic clamping system, which ensures fast grooving speed and strong clamping. The hydraulic system is equipped with accumulator compensation and overflow valve, and the motor works intermittently to save energy and ensure the safety of the hydraulic system.

立式开槽机 细节图3

LZK | Rack and Pinion Transmission System

Use YYC Brand high-speed alloy steel rack and pinion, HIWIN Brand large pitch ball screw, and high-precision, silent linear guide. The main shaft system is driven by a high-torque servo motor with an imported star reducer. The gantry adopts 6 ultra-quiet sliding seats, which makes the tool post more stable and faster when processing workpieces.

立式开槽机 细节图6

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