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EPB-G-3515 High Quality Gantry type Pure Electric Servo CNC Press Brake

  • EPB-G-3515

  • lzk

EPB-G series Gantry type all electric cnc press brake

视频首图 epb-3515

LZK | Intelligent full servo drive system, high precision, energy saving, durable

Using the dual servo principle, the Y1 (ball screw) and Y2 (right ball screw) axes are controlled by powerful new generation servo motors. Quick response, high speed, low failure.
EPB-G Series press brakes use an “O-frame” instead of a “C-frame” as in normal machines. The “O-Frame” has less deflection than the “C-Frame”, which is useful for higher tonnage and longer length machines. Due to the strategic positioning of the drive, the EPB-G series electric bending machine is equipped with an “automatic crowning function” as standard. Each drive varies the force independently, depending on the position of the material on the press brake. Many “electric” competitors don’t have this capability because they use belts and pulleys on the punch, which doesn’t allow the machine to “precisely position” the force on the punch. Customers will also find significant power savings compared to traditional hydraulic presses.

LZK | The new generation of SYNTEC control system makes complicated work easy

The SYNTEC control system is mainly used in all-electric servo bending machines. It has powerful functions, rich built-in resources, and has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

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LZK | Dual servo main motor control, fast response, low failure

The EPB bending machine adopts the principle of dual servos, and the Y1 and Y2 axes are controlled by powerful SYNTEC servo motors.
This design achieves the highest speed and precision and ensures extremely low operating costs.

细节图 EPB3515 06

LZK | A variety of mold options to match various bending workpieces, with higher precision and faster speed

A variety of molds can be selected to adapt to the production of various workpieces, so that the bending angle of the bending machine is more accurate and the work efficiency is higher

细节图 EPB3515 03

LZK | Reliable Electrical Systems

Open the door and cut off the power, high-quality SYNTEC servo motor drive, electrical components.

细节图 EPB3515 07

LZK | 4-axis precision fast backgauge

High-precision four-axis back gauge is adopted. It is driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide to ensure high-precision operation. Beam height is adjusted by CNC.

细节图 EPB3515 04

LZK |Mechanical table compensation mechanism (optional)

It is made of high-strength steel and has a non-linear corrugated block structure. Driven by a motor, the compensation amount can be adjusted precisely.

细节图 4520 s860 6

LZK | DSP laser protection device(optional)

The Italian DSP laser protection device, the DSP laser safety protection device fully protects the personal safety of the bending machine operator and avoids the danger caused by the rapid movement of the slider on the machine tool. A block-shaped protection area is formed for the bending tip to protect the front, middle and rear areas of the tip. The protection area is fixed under the tool tip and moves synchronously with the mold, which ensures that any object below must enter the protection area generated by DSP before touching the tool tip when the mold moves down at high speed. Once an obstruction (such as a worker’s finger) enters the DSP protection area, the DSP will immediately send a signal and interrupt the downward movement of the slider.


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