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HS Series Shearing Machine

Integral rack machining | swing beam structure | Sliding table structure | cantilever referring to man-machine engineering design | E21S controller | High precision back gauge structure
  • LZK

Pendulum tool holder structure

It adopts a professional pendulum tool holder structure and has a blade gap fine adjustment device.

Reversible grid fence

With a translucent, reversible grid railing, the security cut is visible.

Professional CNC system

Adopt ESTUN and DELEM brand numerical control system, E21, DAC310.

Reliable electrical components

The use of genuine Schneider electronic components, stable and reliable quality.

Liangzhi special support rack

Liangzhi is a special tray for users. It is convenient to take the material directly, and the ball tray does not scratch the board.

High precision back gauge structure

It adopts ball screw and linear guide, AC motor drive, and can be customized servo motor.

Manual adjustment of blade clearance

High precision adjustment of the blade gap, manual adjustment.

High quality hydraulic system

Siemens motors, Sunny pumps and Rexroth hydraulic valves are used.

LZK | Cost-effective hydraulic shears

Manually adjusted blade clearance, high quality hydraulic system, high precision back gauge construction.


LZK | Professional pendulum tool holder structure, high tool holder strength, eliminating internal stress

The tool holder adopts the tooling welding process, and the tempering process eliminates the internal stress, the strength is high, and the blade gap is manually adjusted.


LZK | Premium hydraulic system for durability

With Siemens motors as the main source of power, Sunny pumps and premium hydraulic valves for long-lasting hydraulic power.


HS-3   HS-4      HS-5

LZK | Liangzhi special support rack

Liangzhi is a special tray for users. It is convenient to send and take materials directly. The ball tray does not scratch the board.


HS series Specs

Model Max.Thickness Yield strength Max. Length Angle X.Stroke Frequency Power L*W*H(mm) Weight
QC12Y-4*2500 4mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 1°30' 20~600mm 16Times/min 5.5kW 3040*1610*1620 3800Kg
QC12Y-4*3200 4mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 1°30' 20~600mm 14Times/min 5.5kW 3840*1610*1620 5000Kg
QC12Y-4*4000 4mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 10Times/min 5.5kW 4600*1700*1700 6500Kg
QC12Y-4*6000 4mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 7.5kW 6460*2100*3200 11000Kg
QC12Y-6*2500 6mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 1°30' 20~600mm 14Times/min 7.5kW 3040*1610*1620 5000Kg
QC12Y-6*3200 6mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 1°30' 20~600mm 12Times/min 7.5KW 3840*1610*1620 6000Kg
QC12Y-6*4000 6mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 7.5KW 4620*1750*1700 8200Kg
QC12Y-6*5000 6mm ≤450kN/cm 5000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 6Times/min 11KW 5400*1800*1900 10500Kg
QC12Y-6*6000 6mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 5Times/min 11KW 6480*2100*2300 16500Kg
QC12Y-8*2500 8mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 1°30' 20~600mm 10Times/min 11KW 3040*1700*1700 6000Kg
QC12Y-8*3200 8mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 11KW 3860*1700*1700 7200Kg
QC12Y-8*4000 8mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 11KW 4640*1700*1700 8800Kg
QC12Y-8*5000 8mm ≤450kN/cm 5000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 11KW 5400*2100*2000 11500Kg
QC12Y-8*6000 8mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 1°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 11KW 6480*2100*2350 18000Kg
QC12Y-10*2500 10mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 20~600mm 9Times/min 11KW 3040*1700*1700 7300Kg
QC12Y-10*3200 10mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 20~600mm 9Times/min 11KW 3860*1700*1700 8000Kg
QC12Y-10*4000 10mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 20~600mm 8Times/min 11KW 4650*2100*2000 12050Kg
QC12Y-10*6000 10mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 20~1000mm 5Times/min 15KW 6500*2100*2300 24000Kg
QC12Y-12*2500 12mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 1°40' 20~600mm 9Times/min 18.5KW 3140*2150*2000 9000Kg
QC12Y-12*3200 12mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 1°40' 20~600mm 9Times/min 18.5KW 3880*2150*2000 10800Kg
QC12Y-12*4000 12mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 1°40' 20~1000mm 8Times/min 18.5KW 4680*2150*2000 13000Kg
QC12Y-12*5000 12mm ≤450kN/cm 5000mm 20~1000mm 6Times/min 18.5KW 5900*2150*2000 16000Kg
QC12Y-12*6000 12mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 20~1000mm 5Times/min 18.5KW 6900*2600*2700 29500Kg
QC12Y-12*8000 12mm ≤450kN/cm 8000mm 20~1000mm 5Times/min 18.5KW 9000*3500*3500 46500Kg
QC12Y-16*2500 16mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 2°30' 20~600mm 9Times/min 22KW 3140*2150*2000 11000Kg
QC12Y-16*3200 16mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 2°30' 20~600mm 8Times/min 22KW 3880*2150*2000 13000Kg
QC12Y-16*4000 16mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 2°30' 20~1000mm 8Times/min 22KW 4650*2150*2200 16300Kg
QC12Y-16*5000 16mm ≤450kN/cm 5000mm 2°30' 20~1000mm 6Times/min 22KW 5900*2600*2700 20000Kg
QC12Y-16*6000 16mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 2°30' 20~1000mm 5Times/min 22KW 6900*2700*2700 36000Kg
QC12Y-16*8000 16mm ≤450kN/cm 8000mm 2°30' 20~1000mm 5Times/min 22KW 9000*3500*3500 75000Kg
QC12Y-20*2500 20mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 20~1000mm 8Times/min 22KW 3440*2300*2500 15800Kg
QC12Y-20*3200 20mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 20~1000mm 8Times/min 22KW 4150*2350*2700 18500Kg
QC12Y-20*4000 20mm ≤450kN/cm 4000mm 20~1000mm 5Times/min 22KW 4850*2600*2700 21500Kg
QC12Y-20*6000 20mm ≤450kN/cm 6000mm 20~1000mm 4Times/min 30KW 6700*3000*3000 47000Kg
QC12Y-25*2500 25mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 20~1000mm 8Times/min 37KW 3200*2700*2900 19000Kg
QC12Y-25*3200 25mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 20~1000mm 5Times/min 37KW 4200*2700*2900 23000Kg
QC12Y-30*2500 30mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 20~1000mm 4Times/min 37KW 3300*2900*3000 23500Kg
QC12Y-30*3200 30mm ≤450kN/cm 3200mm 3°30' 20~1000mm 4Times/min 40KW 4200*2900*3200 26000Kg
QC12Y-40*2500 40mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 20~1000mm 3Times/min 55KW 3200*3300*3000 38000Kg
QC12Y-40*3200 40mm ≤450kN/cm 2500mm 1000mm 3Times/min 55KW 4300*3300*3200 49000Kg

Remarks: This parameter is 2019.6.25 day system. If the parameters are not updated in time, please understand.

HS series parts

  Optional model Manufacturer Remarks
CNC system ●E21s

Hydraulic system ●Main valve Rexroth
Back gauge ●AC geared motor
●Servo motor

Oil pump ●Single stage oil pump Sunny
Main power system ●AC motor Siemens

Front material ●LZK special pallet rack LZK
Security ● Rear guardrail + rear light curtain protection LZK
Rear material ●Pneumatic material LZK
Blade clearance ●Manual
electric ●Schneider Relay Schneider Open door power protection
Foot switch ●Korean Kaikun vertical switch Korean Kaikun
Deep throat ●Optional LZK
heat sink ●Hydraulic oil radiator LZK

CNC systems

E21S E200PS dac310


●CAN-bus mode to control servo system of X axis

●Parts counting

●40 programs saving, each with 25 sequences

●One side positioning

●Built-in time relay for cutting time and retrack

●One key backup/restore of parameters

●Online diagnosis and real-time alarm

●Reserved ports for safety guard

●Color LCD bright display

●mm/inch. Chinese/English


●CAN-bus mode to control servo system of X axis

●Parts counting

●40 programs saving, each with 25 sequences

●One side positioning

●Built-in time relay for cutting time and retrack

●One key backup/restore of parameters

●Online diagnosis and real-time alarm

●Reserved ports for safety guard

●Color LCD bright display

●mm/inch. Chinese/English

Delem DAC 310

●Bright LCD 128 x 64 display

●Backgauge control

●Gap control

●Stroke length limitation

●Actual and Programmed position visualization.

●Stock counter

●Programmable up to 100 steps

●Panel-based housing

●Servo control / inverter /

●2-speed AC contro

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