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How about the performance of V groover machine?
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How about the performance of V groover machine?

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V groover machine, also called CNC V grooving machine, is a sheet metal grooving machine. It can be adopted to groove stainless steel plate, ordinary steel plate, aluminum plate, and copper plate. The V groover machine includes vertical and horizontal V groover machines.

  • How about the performance of V groover machine?

  • Why we use V groover machine?

  • How to operate V groover machine?

How about the performance of V groover machine?

V groover machine is an exclusive patent, filling the gap in the market.

V groover machines have a wide range of applications, which are suitable for red bricks, sand bricks, hollow bricks, aerated bricks, cement-covered walls, and wall pillars.

V groover machine is easy to operate that only one person can run it. The fuselage does not need to be disassembled when stopping. The structure is simple and practical without professionals to maintain and repair.

V groove machine forms for one-time without any auxiliary tools and the second process. The grooving depth can be controlled at will. It has high-efficient ratio, greatly reducing construction costs such as manpower and time.

V groove machine is adjustable at different angles.

V groove machine has high-strength and wear-resistant alloy steel tool head, which can be repeatedly polished and used for more than 40 times. It is easy to disassemble.

Dust produced by V groove machine is granular, which is small to pollute.

The outer box of V groove machine is protective, professional with convenient storage capacity.

Why we use V groover machine?

The depth of the V groover machine is directly related to the effect of the angle. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position is obviously different.

When the tool holder of vertical V groover machine moves back and forth, the weight is about 60kg. The gantry and the tool holder of horizontal V groover machine move back and forth together, whose weight is 1000kg. The horizontal one’s energy consumption is more than 10 times than that of the vertical one. The vertical V groover machine is energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

The V groover machine has the functions of automatic suction, paper feeding, trimming, creasing, slotting and corner cutting. The trimming knife holder can be disassembled and assembled at will.

The front and back position of the V groover machine can be adjusted by 360 degrees electrically to improve work efficiency and reduce waste.

The gear drive adopts a circulating lubrication system to reduce noise and extend the lifespan.

Electronic counters are installed to facilitate production quantity statistics.

The cutter heads and crimping wheels of the V groover machine are adjusted electrically and horizontally. The electric traverse motor is placed on the upper cutter head to move more smoothly to be easy protect and maintain.

How to operate V groover machine?

Turn on the power switch of V groove machine. Press the start switch. Rotate the speed switch.

Adjust the parallelism of the first axis to determine the distance between the axis and the big roller by the thickness of the cardboard.

Adjust the two shafts of the second row of plum blossom handwheels upwards to tighten the belt to prevent slipping when the cardboard is slotted.

Loosen the two small hand wheels of the baffle. Then, shake the side hand wheels according to the width of the cardboard.

The back beam of the tool post can be adjusted up and down. The upward grooving angle is large, while the downward one is small.

The distance between the tip of the knife and the jelly is based on the thickness of a piece of A4 paper to ensure that the jelly is not scratched by the knife.

Loosen the pulley bolts. The belt can be pushed left and right. Adjust the size you need and lock the bolts. Before the belt pulley moves, the distance between the cutter head and the belt must be checked to prevent the belt from being cut.

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