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How does CNC press brake work?
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How does CNC press brake work?

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A variety of press brake are now available in the market. However, they are mainly categorized as mechanical or hydraulic press brake, depending on the means of applying force. With the advancement in technology, the CNC press brakes come into being. CNC press brake has the capability to deliver force in a limited vertical space in order to punch or bend the metal sheet.

  • Why we use CNC press brake?

  • How does CNC press brake work?

  • How to calibrate CNC press brake?

Why we use CNC press brake?

CNC press brake is the most accurate and precise type of press brake. CNC press brake is a modernized and more accurate version of the hydraulic press brake that is controlled by computers.

The processing speed of CNC press brake is fast. The corner processing surface is beautiful with high strength.

CNC press brake transforms manual welding into fully automatic machine operation, improving quality and efficiency, CNC press brake reduces labor costs and shortens the production cycle of products.

CNC press brake is a new large-scale machine. The high precision is favored by many people. It can adopt flexible operation mode, which can be linked with two machines to solve the problem of processing long plates.

CNC press brake be operated and processed by a single machine to effectively improve the use. It reduces energy consumption. The compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate.

How does CNC press brake work?

A CNC press brake works quite similarly to a hydraulic press brake. However, the difference is that CNC press brake is controlled by slider stroke and backgauge. All you have to do is input the number of pieces that require bending along with the bending angle, getting the job done with accuracy.

CNC press brake has a ram fitted with a punch that forces the material being worked into a die. The material is formed into an angle corresponding to the angle of the die or the depth the punch forces it into the die.

CNC press brakes can be pre-programmed to bend the sheet metal through many various bends completing one part at a time. It uses a V blade to push on the sheet metal with pressure against a die.

How to calibrate CNC press brake?

The CNC press brake adopts electromagnetic force clamping so that the pressing plate can be made into a variety of workpiece with side walls. The operation is simple.

Metrology personnel required to calibrate CNC press brake need to open the cover of the saw that the optical components can be adjusted on the worktable, the spindle and the independent tripod. The time that spatial calibration process needs depends on the size of the CNC press brake. If the part is within the tolerance range by the three-coordinate surveying and mapping machine, the spatial calibration is not so necessary.

The trajectory of the calibrated CNC press brake is not a straight line but lateral movement. Traditional correlators cannot do this, except for the single-aperture laser correlation instrument.

When testing a CNC press brake, use a moderate probe to measure the proportion of the drawing part. The specified spatial error can be listed as an error table or offset table. The software can correct the coordinates of the probe.

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