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How does press brake work?
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How does press brake work?

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Bending is a processing technique of deformation and forming after shaping. It is performed industrially with press brakes. Press brake can perform rectilinear and parallel folds on pieces of medium-large dimension. The minimum radius relies on the thickness and type of material to be bent.

  • Why we use press brake?

  • How does press brake work?

  • What are the uses of press brake?

Why we use press brake?

Press brake uses the electro-hydraulic servo system to control the two-cylinder synchronization. Press brake cooperates with the international standard grating ruler to form a fully closed-loop control. The synchronization has high accuracy and high level of the bending and repeat accuracy.

Press brake can be equipped with hydraulic upper mold automatic clamp, quick clamp, or slot type lower mold to reduce the labor and improve efficiency.

Press brake is equipped with high-quality linear guides and ball screws to ensure the accuracy.

Press brake has flexible operation mode, not only solving the processing of ultra-long plates by dual-machine linkage, but also processing short parts by single-machine operation. Press brake improves the utilization rate and reduces energy consumption.

The frame of press brake is welded with steel, ensuring high rigidity and machining accuracy.

How does press brake work?

To avoid cracks on the radius, it is essential that the press brake is carried out orthogonally to the rolling direction.

The press brakes are controlled by mechanical systems, a crank connecting rod system, and hydraulic pistons. Press brake can be operated by manually or computer, called CNC press brake.

The metal sheet is deformed by a bending force of press brake which necessarily exceeds the limit that the elasticity of the material imposes.

Also, the press brakes are equipped with a punch mounted on the movable part. This part of press brake is composed of a die and a blank holder piston with the same functions and characteristics of a mold for a press.

Press brakes contain a work table, a clamping plate, and supporters. The worktable consists of a base and a pressure plate, which is attached to the supporters. As working with a press brake, adjust the bending angle and dimensions continually.

What are the uses of press brake?

The forming of press brake greatly depends on operator’s skill. Therefore, varying levels of quality and productivity are to be achieved by two different operators.

Press brake is available for bending sheet metal. The sheet metal will play a important role in the manufacturing industry. These sheet metals processed by press brake are used in home appliances, vehicles, heavy equipment.

Before the right sheet metals are formed, press brakes should first consider the right die design to produce the right sheet metal. Press brakes are used in different forming works with the right die design like V dies, rotary bending dies, acute angle dies, and radius dies.

In a mechanical press brake, power is added to a flywheel with an electric motor. A clutch matches the flywheel to power a crank mechanism moving vertically. Accuracy and speed are two advantages of the mechanical press brake. Hydraulic press brake operates by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper beam.

Learn more about press brake can know the working principle of press brake and the uses of press brake. LZK CNC Machine Tool(Anhui) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can do a favor for you if you have any doubts.

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