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How many types of press brakes are there?
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How many types of press brakes are there?

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Press brake is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material. Press brake is described by using two parameters, working length and force. Press brake must be operated by a skillful person who has specialized knowledge and skills, rather than an ordinary person.

  • How many types of press brakes are there?

  • What are the types of bending in press brake?

  • How to choose press brake?

How many types of press brakes are there?

The structural features and working principle of the mechanical press brake are the same as those of the mechanical press. The crank connecting rod mechanism is adopted to convert the rotating motion of the motor into the reciprocating motion of the slider. The mechanical press brake has a huge structure with high cost, which is often used for bending small and medium-sized parts. The advantage of the mechanical press brake is that the sliding block is parallel to the worktable, which has high precision and can withstand eccentric loads.

The hydraulic press brake is directly driven by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system can apply full pressure to the metal plate. If hydraulic press brake is overload, it can protect automatically. When bending sheet metal parts, the oil in the hydraulic cushion can be squeezed out under pressure. The upper die does a little retraction movement relative to the slider.

Pneumatic press brake uses compressed air as the power source. It is generally used for bending small plates. After the pneumatic press brake adopts CNC, it can save adjustment time.

What are the types of bending in press brake? 

There are three types of bending in press brakes that are commonly used. Each requires different strategies in press brake operation.

Coining means the process of pressing coins to get the images, numbers, and lettering on a coin. The workpiece is put under the tonnage of the press brake. It requires each bend to be exactly the same. The coining method requires the largest amount of tonnage in a press brake, usually 3 to 5 times that of the other bending methods.

Bottom bending doesn’t require as much tonnage as the coining method but does require more tonnage than the air-bending method. The metal is pushed down into the V-die to make a bend. There is a slight spring back. Bottom Bending is common on mechanical press brakes.

Air Bending is the most common form of press brake forming. It requires far less tonnage. A simple die can realize multiple angles with less tooling. It is much cheaper. There is less contact with the material being formed.

How to choose press brake?

Determine the specifications and models of the press brake according to processing dimensions. In addition, you also consider the needs after the expansion of production.

After you have determined the specifications and models, you can contact the press brake manufacturer. The models produced by each manufacturer are very different. It is important to choose a proper press brake. Choose some manufacturers to compare with each other to know more about the quality, stability and after-sales service of the press brake.

The accuracy of the press brake needs to be the focus of selection. The accuracy standards of different machines have differences due to different press brakes. Some processing fields attach great importance to the processing effect of the plate.

Pay attention to the selection of molds. The loss of molds in the process of bending the plate is more serious.

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