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How to adjust the bending angle of press brake?
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How to adjust the bending angle of press brake?

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Nowadays, press brakes are offered in a broad range of capacities from portable models to custom machines. With advanced technology, press brakes are developing fast, such as CNC sheet supports, programmable tooling, adaptive bending, and user interface technologies.

  • How to grasp the size of bending for press brake?

  • How should you use press brake?

  • How to adjust the bending angle of press brake?

How to grasp the size of bending for press brake?

The main purpose of using a press brake is to grasp the size of the bending.

Avoid using a press brake to bend the edge or large-angle alignment.

Preliminary inspection is carried out before formal processing. Cyclic inspection is carried out during the use of press brake.

In order to avoid accumulative errors, the unfolded size must be measured every time when material is added.

Choose a good processing method and a good technical preparation method to simplify the processing of press brake.

The press brake selects the appropriate machine according to the accuracy requirements of the processed products.

Do not choose tools that have decentraction. Make sure that the tip of the upper die of press brake is on the same straight line before processing.

For products whose edges must be bent by a press brake, the front bending angle must be less than 90 degrees.

Determine the accuracy of the measuring instrument before processing.

How should you use press brake?

Strictly abide by the safe operation regulations of press brake. The user must wear labor protection. Before starting, carefully check the motor, switch, circuit, grounding, and the control parts and buttons of the press brake.

Run press brake idling for 1 to 2 minutes and move on the slide 2 to 3 times at full stroke. If there is anything abnormal, stop immediately to troubleshoot the malfunction.

The sheet material must be compacted when bending to prevent hurting people during bending. The power supply must be cut off when adjusting the sheet metal die. When changing the opening of the lower mold, no material is allowed to come into contact with the lower mold. When press brake works, no one is allowed to stand behind the press brake.

It is forbidden to use press brake molds to fold over-thick iron plates or hardened steel plates.

To close the press brake, place a wooden block on the lower die under the cylinders on both sides and lower the upper slide plate onto the wooden block.

How to adjust the bending angle of press brake?

Before using the press brake to bend the material, you need to adjust its various angles, including the bending force, the distance of the back gauge, the upper limit of the slider, the speed of the slider, and the adjustment of the upper and lower mold gaps.

The adjustment of the angle of the press brake is mainly to calculate the value of the bending force and indicated pressure according to the calculation formula. Then, adjust the handwheel of the overflow valve to generate the force which is slightly larger than the force of the folded plate.

The adjustment of the backgauge distance of the press brake needs to position in the length direction when bending the sheet. The button on the front button box controls the motor adjustment, whose value can be from the revolution table on the button box. There is a handwheel for fine adjustment.

The adjustment of the upper limit of the slider of the press brake needs to be realized by adjusting the position of the striker. The rising slider can stay at the required center position, which can shorten the stroke distance of the slider. It reduces the working cycle time and increases productivity.

The adjustment of the gap between the upper and lower molds in the press brake is completed by the button on the button box. Operate in the direction indicated by the press brake label. The initial adjustment gap should be greater than the thickness of the plate.

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