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How to maintain CNC press brake?
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How to maintain CNC press brake?

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The CNC press brake mainly performs straight-line bending of the plate. Through the use of simple molds and process equipment, the metal sheet can be pressed into a certain geometric shape. CNC press brake is actually a multi-purpose fabricating machine. CNC press brake is suitable for several types of metal forming operations.

  • What are the failures of CNC press brake?

  • How to solve the large bending angle error of the CNC press brake?

  • How to maintain CNC press brake?

What are the failures of CNC press brake?

Sometimes, there is the large or small bending angles during CNC press brake operates. It may be that the plate is uneven or the plate thickness has changed. It is also possible that the shaft in the CNC press brake is caused by deviation.

The oil pump of CNC press brake is too noisy or heats fast. Even, the oil pump is damaged. The oil pump suction line leaks or the oil tank liquid level is too low, causing to suck. The oil temperature is too low and the oil viscosity is too high, resulting in high oil absorption resistance. The oil filter at the suction port is clogged. Coupling installation is too tight to make the motor shaft and the oil pump shaft nonconcentric.

The CNC press brake system is pressure-free or cannot be built up. The oil pump rotates incorrectly. Whether the pressure gauge is damaged. Whether the pressure control valve has an electrical signal or the valve is blocked. The pressure cartridge valve is blocked or stuck that cannot seal the oil.

How to solve the large bending angle error of the CNC press brake?

With the continuous development of CNC press brake manufacturing technology, CNC press brake has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, convenience, zero-activity disturbance compensation, and good consistency of processed products.

Check whether the compensation deflection of the compensation cylinder is large so that the zero position cannot be completely restored.

Check whether the quick clamp and grating ruler is loose.

Check whether there is any change in the bottom dead center of each bending.

Check whether the bow-shaped plate is installed in a standard way and whether the screw hole is deadlocked.

The large bending angle error of CNC press brake can also be caused by changes in the sheet, such as thickness, material, and stress。

There is inaccurate positioning of CNC press brake that whether the zero offset value of the proportional valve is appropriate or not. It may be impossible to return because the positioning cannot reach the bottom dead center.

How to maintain CNC press brake?

After each shift, clean the work area of CNC press brake by removing all debris with a dry cloth. Clean the tools, bench, supports, slide guides and other accessories. Clean the backstops and guides of the backgauge. Do not use compressed air for cleaning.

The lubrication parts are sufficiently greased.

The motor and oil pump of CNC press brake operate normally without noise and overheating.

The safety protection device is safe and reliable.

Check whether the pressure of the hydraulic system is within the rated range.

The indicator is sensitive and reliable.

When repairing after the end of production, the slider needs to be lowered to the lowest point.

Check whether the fixed part of the mold is loose before work.

When working, the CNC press brake must not exceed the maximum pressure that is 160KN.

Learn more about CNC press brake can know the failures of CNC press brake and how to maintain CNC press brake. LZK CNC Machine Tool(Anhui) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can help you keep CNC press brake in better condition.

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