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How to maintain press brake?
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How to maintain press brake?

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Press brakes have many types, which largely depend on what you are making and the tools. It also depends on the size and type of the metal to be bend and the properties of materials. It is recommended to have a press brake that is flexible and can handle more types of materials.

  • How to check press brake?

  • How to lubricate press brake?

  • How to maintain press brake?

How to check press brake?

Check whether the liquid valve of the press brake mold is fully opened. If it is oil contaminated, the filling valve spool is not flexible, resulting in insufficient filling. The filling valve of the press brake needs to be cleaned and reinstalled.

Check whether the solenoid coil of the overflow valve of the press brake is energized. Whether the voltage of the solenoid coil meets the standard.

Check whether the cartridge valve or the main valve core of press brake is stuck. Whether the orifice is blocked. Disassemble the overflow valve of the press brake mold. Clean and reinstall it.

Check the oil level of the mold oil tank of the press brake to see if the oil level is too low. If the filling port is not filled with water, the upper cavity of the cylinder is filled with liquid during fast forwarding, causing insufficient filling. Add the oil in the fuel tank to more than 5mm above the filler port to make sure to submerge the filler port completely.

How to lubricate press brake?

All the rollers and corresponding parts in the press brake must be refueled, which is three times a week.

Put butter on the upper and lower blades of press brake. Add oil three times a week. Lubricate the clutch area of the knife.

The seal coil in the cylinder of the press brake must be cleaned and lubricated at the place where the sheet metal is bent.

The oiling work of the sliding bearing and the feeding frame of the press brake needs to be carried out every three days.

When refueling the place of the feeding shaft presser plate of press brake, we need to use a grease gun to inject the oil. Clean the place where the oil is added before refueling.

If it is to refuel the connection of the brake of press brake, move it back and forth after refueling. Lubricate it three times a week and pay attention to cleaning.

How to maintain press brake?

An inspection of press brake will allow to notice and address small issues before they become significant problems.

Verify that the press brake is in clean condition. The table and die area should be free of mill scale.

If the press brake is tooled up or a different toolset needs to be set up, verify the punch and die alignment and inspect the condition. The punches and dies should be free of dents. Indentations and cracks show that the tool has been overstressed needed to be reconditioned or replaced.

The proper operation of press brake, including up button, e-stops, foot pedal control, and indication lights should be in good condition within few seconds.

If additional guarding is present, make sure it is set up according to specifications.

Hydraulic oil is the lifeblood of press brake. It is vital to keep the oil clean and filling the oil reservoir. Check the oil level in the tank periodically. An insufficient oil level will cause erratic operation of the ram and damage the hydraulic pump.

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