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How to use laser cutting machine?
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How to use laser cutting machine?

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Laser cutting machine adopts computer-aided design to cut for precision. The process has evolved since it was used to cut diamonds. As the laser cutting machine continues to be used for many industrial purposes, it is also growing in popularity in schools and small businesses.

  • What are the types of laser cutting machines?

  • How to choose laser cutting machine?

  • How to use laser cutting machine?

What are the types of laser cutting machines?

In terms of cutting material types, there are two types of laser cutting machines: metal and non-metal laser cutting machine. A metal laser cutting machine is used when metal materials are needed, while a non-metal one is to cut non-metal materials.

Classified by laser types, the laser cutting machines can be divided into three types: fiber, CO₂ gas and YAG. Now, the mainstream type of laser cutting machine in the domestic market is fiber laser cutting machine.

According to the laser output power, laser cutting machines involve high-power, medium-power and low-power laser cutting machine. In the industrial field, high-power ones are needed, while the medium-power ones are main in the laser engraving field.

As far as the cutting board size, the laser cutting machines contain standard-format and large-format ones. The cutting length of the large-format laser cutting machine in the X-axis direction is more than 8000mm, and the cutting width in the Y-axis direction is more than 2500mm. For the standard-format one, it is generally about 3000mm multiply1500mm and 4000mm multiply 2000mm.

The cutting plates have flat plates and three-dimensional plates. Flat plates are cut by a flat laser cutting machine, while three-dimensional plates can be cut by a three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine.

How to choose laser cutting machine?

Make clear processing demands, such as processing material type, size, and accuracy tolerance. It helps determine which type of CNC laser cutting machine you need. For metals, you may look for a metal or fiber laser cutting machine.

Choose the right laser cutting machine manufacturer. It matters a lot concerning the quality. Good manufacturers provide high-quality machine with a complete quality assurance system and after-sales service system.

Choose the configuration. You can negotiate the configurations and specifications with the manufacturer. All the configurations shall be based on specific processing requirements. It may include lasers, laser heads, servo motors, guide rails, and water coolers. If you are not sure about the specifications, you can introduce your requirements that the manufacturers will recommend the suitable one.

How to use laser cutting machine?

Decide what material to cut or engrave. Laser cutting machine can cut and engrave wood, plastic, cardboard, foam, fabric, and thin sheets of metal. Any material containing chlorine cannot be used due to the toxic fumes.

Choose an image, such as a photo, a computer drawing, and computer text. Make sure the image has plenty of contrast without many shadows. Upload the image into software that is compatible with the laser cutting machine. Set the dimensions of the image to match the size of the material. Optimize the image.

Place the material in the center of the laser cutting machine. Press any key to let the laser test the dimensions across the mat. If your material has a bend, place a weighty metal rod to hold it down.

Clean the lens with rubbing alcohol. Set the lens height. Most laser cutting machine will have an automatic lens height sensor or button. If not, you will need to adjust the height manually.

Turn on the fume extractor to suck all the fumes and dust from the material out of the laser cutting machine

In the material settings, select what kind of material you are using. This will affect the settings of the laser. Select what type of cuts you are making. Press print.

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