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LZK Launches New Large-Format Laser Cutting Machine
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LZK Launches New Large-Format Laser Cutting Machine

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LZK launches Taurus, a new large-format gantry-style fiber laser cutting machine engineered for extra-large sheet metal cutting capacity. A unique modular design, the machine size begins at a 12-meter bed length and can be expanded in increments of 4 meters to a maximum bed length of 42 meters to suit user needs. The large format allows a diverse range of parts to be cut and efficiently nested, increasing productivity and optimizing material usage.

Large-scale advantages

Taurus offers the flexibility to handle very large sheets or multiple sheets, with a cutting range that ensures high machine dynamics for jobs of different batch sizes, shapes and material types, accommodating workpieces up to 3.3 meters wide and 30 mm thick.

Large parts can be processed without repositioning, while multiple smaller parts can be placed on the cutting table and processed in a continuous manner without interruption. Parts can be cut in one part of the table and loaded/unloaded in another, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Taurus is designed for easy access. Only the gantry comes with a housing, not the entire machine. The mechanical design and drive system ensure high machine dynamics during large format cutting.

The operator has easy access to the controls at all times using two touch panels.

The handheld control unit allows the operator to safely move all axes in manual mode for machine setup or loading the nozzle changer. A camera located in the cutting area and a monitor on the operator console allow continuous monitoring of the cutting process. The cutting area has a removable front panel for easy maintenance.

The machine does not require a special foundation.

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