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Next Generation Tube Laser Cutting Machine
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Next Generation Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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LZK introduces the TL 8525 to its line of tube laser cutting machines. The newly designed new generation of tube lasers is equipped with many high performance features to optimize tube cutting for even the most complex applications. With a large feed length of 8500 mm, the TL 8525 can process round or square tubes up to 250 mm in diameter. Standard machine features include a 45-degree 3D tilt axis cutting head for beveling, a 6-position front loader and a wide X-axis cutting head range of 1190 mm to maximize material utilization.

Designed for productivity

The TL 8525 is designed for high productivity. The machine can process pipe lengths up to 8500 mm, with a maximum part length of 3000 mm, and can clamp and cut pipe diameters up to 250 mm. The 400 mm Z-axis allows for larger profiles to be cut.

A new design with welded steel construction provides high rigidity and dynamics. Pre-assembled collets and stabilizers help to set up and start the machine quickly and easily. The TL 8525 maintains the compact footprint of other TL models and offers the advantage of accessibility to all sides of the machine. Because loading and unloading are handled on one side, the machine can be installed in tight spaces or against a wall.

Leading-edge features are built-in

The TL 8525 is equipped with key features typically offered as options on comparable tube laser cutting machines for the widest range of uses in cutting round, square, rectangular or other profiles, regardless of complexity.

A 45 degree 3D tilt cutting head is standard. The multi-axis cutting head allows high-precision bevel cutting of round, square, rectangular and profiled tubes, cutting complex profiles and channels, and can be used for weld-ready cutting of thick-walled tubes.

A 6-position front loader is also standard. This semi-automatic loading machine offers a high degree of material loading flexibility. It can handle up to six tubes and offers six positions, even for tubes with a maximum diameter of 250 mm. The system can load different types of tubes of different sizes and can be interrupted in the middle of the process to add new tubes. Unlike bundle feeder systems, there is no need to wait to rebind a bundle in the loader, remove it from the machine, and then reload a new bundle. The flexibility of material loading effectively meets the needs of small batches and long production runs.

The wide 1190 mm X-axis cutting head range allows processing along larger lengths of tubing, including behind the stabilizer unit. The ability to handle more tube and reduce material waste makes tube cutting operations more productive and profitable.

Other key features include a programmable table in the outfeed area. The servo-controlled table features a tilt function for smooth part release and is integrated into a 3 m part evacuation conveyor. The conveyor uses multiple compartments to safely separate and secure parts - even round or longer tubes - as they move along the conveyor.

The TL 8525 features a high degree of automation, including automatic tube loading, automatic tube centering, and automatic setup and adjustment of the chucks and stabilizer. A powerful smoke extraction system integrated into the chuck automatically removes approximately 4,000 cubic meters of smoke per hour from the cutting area.

The TL 8525 is equipped with a 2 kW IPG fiber laser source capable of cutting a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. A 4 kW laser source is optional.

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