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What are the advantages of CNC press brake?
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What are the advantages of CNC press brake?

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The overall usage of CNC press brake is extensive. Many industries make use the CNC press brakes for many different applications and purposes. Meanwhile, constant innovation has pushed the CNC press brake forward and allowed their uses to expand across multiple avenues where there was not a demand previously.


  •  What are the advantages of CNC press brake?

  •  What is the proper CNC press brake setup procedures?

  •  What are the uses of CNC press brake?


What are the advantages of CNC press brake?

The main cylinders on both sides of the CNC press brake synchronously adopt a hydraulic control system and a grating ruler to form a closed-loop control, which is independently restricted by CNC. Accurate feedback data ensures safe operation of the slider.

The CNC press brake has high strength and good rigidity. It is stable and reliable with high precision. Backgauge distance and slider stroke adopt electric and manual fine adjustment. CNC press brake is equipped with a digital display device, which is convenient and quick to use.

The CNC press brake has a multi-step programming function, which can realize automatic operation, continuous positioning, and automatic and precise adjustment. The processing of CNC press brake shows real-time display and can remember the position and parameters after power failure.

The backgauge adopts imported ball screw and linear guide to ensure the positioning accuracy.

The CNC press brake uses a servo motor as an actuator. When the bending operation is not performed, the motor does not move and consume power. Therefore, CNC press brake is a product that meets the energy saving requirements. The servo motor has a higher degree of controllability so that it can be well adapted to the production needs of the modern industry.


What is the proper CNC press brake setup procedures?

The efficiency and the profitability of a CNC press brake are measured by the number of completed and correct parts produced in a given period of time.

Operators need to know CNC press brake completely. They also should know material type, thickness, flange dimensions and tolerances, angles and angle tolerances, and inside radius of angles.

The choice of tool is based on the drawing. Air bending, bottom bending, and coining are available. Select the tool that is at least as accurate as the specified type.

Tonnage charts are available for air bending. For bottom bending, a good tonnage may be four times than that of the air bending. Coining requires eight times the air bend tonnage.

If you have two or more CNC press brakes, make sure to choose the best-suited one. Remember that air bending cannot overload a CNC press brake.

Determine tooling position on the bench. If the tonnage requirement exceeds the concentrated load limit in the center of the CNC press brake, it can be off-center.

Install the tooling and align the upper and lower.

CNC press brake should be programmed properly, which is very quick.

Bend materials only after completing a good test bend. If something wrong, correct the program until a good part has been formed.

It’s time to run CNC press brake.


What are the uses of CNC press brake?

Medical fields are assisted by CNC press brakes in the manufacturing and production of high-tech and crucial equipment, such as X-ray machines, components to emergency vehicles, and the actual construction of hospitals.

Military and defense industries employ CNC press brakes to design and craft components to weapons, vehicles, and other significant equipment. The military industry is one of the most invested by the advanced machines. The usage of CNC press brake speeds up the processes of building and testing new equipment.

The usage and importance of CNC press brakes cannot be understated. Without these machines, precise crafting would not be as widely possible and instituted as it is today. The CNC machine industry has always been at the forefront of innovative design to expand further outside industries.


Learn more about CNC press brake can know the advantages of CNC press brake and the uses of CNC press brake. LZK CNC Machine Tool(Anhui) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is glad to hear from you to deal with your doubts!


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