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What are the common faults of press brake?
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What are the common faults of press brake?

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Press brake is a mechanical or hydraulic machine for bending sheet metal and plate material, which is common in engineering workshops. Press brake requires different methods of approach to achieve the desired results. From forming wind tower poles to intricate electrical cabinet components, press brakes are a vital tool.

  • What are the common faults of press brake?

  • How to avoid electric leakage when the press brake is working?

  • Why there are errors when using press brake?

What are the common faults of press brake?

Press brake makes poor surface roughness of the workpiece. The tool tip of the press brake is damaged that is not sharp. The press brake resonates leading to the unstable placement. The press brake has a crawling phenomenon, resulting in poor processing technology.

The workpiece produces taper-size head. The level of the press brake is not adjusted properly that one side is high and the other is low, resulting in uneven placement. When turning the long shaft, the material fed is too hard to be cut deeper. The tailstock thimble and the spindles are not concentric.

The size of each workpiece is inconsistent. The carriage of the press brake runs at high speed for a long time, resulting in the wear of the screw and bearing. The repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder produces deviations during long-term use. The carriage can accurately return to the starting point of processing every time, but the size of the processed workpiece is still changed. It is generally caused by the main shaft, caused by the high-speed rotation to wear.

How to avoid electric leakage when the press brake is working?

For the press brake, it is inevitable that there will be leakage in the working process. If the leakage is not handled in time, it will damage to safety.

In order to avoid the occurrence of electric leakage when the press brake is working, the press brake must be equipped with a leakage protector, it is a current-driven leakage maintenance device, which has a good effect on the protection of the press brake.

When operating the press brake, if the insulation of the electrical installation equipment is damaged, the cover will be charged. The correct grounding and zeroing work must be done. The electrical installation of the press brake should be maintained with high-voltage grounding to reduce the risk of electric shock.

The wiring operation of the press brake is also very simple. It is enough to connect the metal shell and the common maintenance neutral line firmly. Lead out from the neutral line on the power side of the leakage maintainer. Under the protection of its maintainer, the press brake can maintain a good and stable situation.

Why there are errors when using the press brake?

The outer circle of the bend is a cone. The connection between the front and rear centers is not coaxial with the spindle axis, which is caused by the wrong position of the tailstock center of the press brake.

The workpiece vibrates when bending. It may be that the tailstock sleeve of the press brake extends too long or the support of the workpiece is too loose. The mold is not sharp enough or the arc is too large. The bearing clearance of the rotary center is large. The clearance of the medium and small sliding plates is too large.

The mold does not meet the requirements. The mold and the main shaft axis of press brake are not on the same axis. The circular runout caused by the wear of the bearing. The center hole of the workpiece is not cleaned or is fuzzed. The center hole does not work because the lever in the center of the mold touches the end face of the chuck.

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