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What are the errors of V groover machine?
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What are the errors of V groover machine?

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The V groover machine is also known as score-folding, V-cutting, and back-scoring. V groover machining facilitates the bending or folding of various materials and forms a V-shaped cut along the surface. The cut along the fold line acts as a hinge, allowing to achieve 90-degree bends with relatively small bending radii.

  • What are the errors of V groover machine?

  • How to maintain V groover machine?

  • What should be considered when using V groover machine?

What are the errors of V groover machine?

The V groover machine has large vibration. That’s because the two diamond cut-off wheels are deformed. The splint and distance ring are worn. The output shaft bearing is damaged. You can replace the same diamond cutting wheel, the splint, distance ring, and the bearing.

The V groover machine motor is overheated. The diamond cut-off wheels are too blunt or not parallel. The V groover machine is overload. Reduce the cutting speed and depth. Replace the special diamond cut-off wheels, the bearing or reassemble.

The motor is weak. It can be caused by the rotor or stator. The voltage is low. Another reason is that the brush is too short or the spring loses its elasticity. Check and replace the rotor, the stator, the brush and spring. Check whether the wire cross-sectional area, length, and connection are reliable.

If there is any noise of V groover machine, it may have damaged gear or bearing. The stator and rotor is failure. There is the chance that the brushes have poor contact. Check and replace the gear, the bearing, the rotor, the stator and the brush. Tighten the stator assembly fixing bolt.

How to maintain V groover machine?

Completely clean the V groover machine once every six months. Use a brush to remove the external dust and a professional detergent to clean the dusty places. It is necessary to apply engine oil to the guide rails to prevent mechanical damage. Put in a ventilated place to dry to avoid rust.

When V groover machine stops running, it needs to check whether there are loose screws of internal related parts.

Before starting the V groover machine, make sure that the bearings and other parts are reasonably smooth. The water temperature ranges from 40°C to 50°C. If necessary, anti-freezing solution is poured in winter.

Pay special attention to the maintenance of the V groover machine engine during normal use. The engine should not be overloaded.

What should be considered when using V groover machine?

Before starting the automatic V groover machine, check carefully whether the tool, nut and each screw are firm. If any, tighten in time!

Pay attention to the cutting direction when installing the tool. It is not allowed to reverse. The main tool turns clockwise.

Confirm whether the pneumatic device is turned on. Press the workpiece on the movable push table to close to the positioning plate. Keep your hands away from the knife edge.

When the V groover machine breaks down, the power supply should be cut off in time. A professional person should be sent to repair and adjust. It is forbidden to run the V groover machine until it is work.

Before processing the material, check whether there are iron nails, sand-rock joints, and others on the V groover machine. The stainless steel groover prevents damage to the tool joints and hurts people.

Cut off the power supply when cleaning, wiping lubricating oil, removing saw blades and cleaning chips.

The V groover machine must be operated, adjusted and maintained by professional personnel. Workers should wear earplugs, goggles and other protection supplies during operation.

The maintenance is carried out in accordance with the system.

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