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What are the types of V groover machines?
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What are the types of V groover machines?

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V groover machine is a V-type slotting equipment designed for steel plate. V groover machine often plays a role as a sheet metal bending machine and cutting auxiliary equipment. It is widely used in the sheet metal V-groove, U-groove, and other irregular groove processing.

  • What are the types of V groover machines?

  • How to choose V groover machines?

  • How about the market situation of V groover machine?

What are the types of V groover machines?

The working table of vertical CNC V grooving machine is small and narrow. The planer is fixed in a straight-line position to the working table. Variable factors can be so well-controlled that the position accuracy is in the range of 0.02mm. When the vertical V groover machine is working, the holder part moves back and forth. Vertical V groover machines have many separate pressing plates and independent clamps. It can do both horizontal and vertical grooves. The surface is made of high-quality mold steel, which goes through overall heat treatment after a grinder refined.

The working table of horizontal CNC V grooving machine is larger and easier to work. The knife is facing a platform with 1.5 meters width and more than 4 meters length. The accuracy is lower. When the horizontal V groover machine is working, the gantry and the holder move back and forth together. Its energy consumption is more than 10 times than that of the vertical V groover machine. A horizontal V groover machine is available for large sheet metal. It cannot be able to horizontal gouging. The working table is welded by a common iron plate, causing spots on the processed products for long-term use.

How to choose V groover machines?

When choosing a V groover machine, considering the materials such as steel bars, concrete walls, and stones. Once they are encountered, you must choose a diamond blade. With high hardness, it is widely used for cutting marble, steel bars, stones and other super-hard materials.

The power of V groover machine is an important indicator. In fact, it does not mean the higher the power the better the V groover machine. In the ordinary grid lines, it cannot withstand the 4000W power at all. Three-phase power is required to achieve smooth operation.

The size of the V groover machine motor determines its power. The larger the size of the motor, the greater the power. The power can be obtained by measuring and comparing the diameter of the stator and the length of the rotor.

Groove depth should be measured by two dimensions: the distance from the center of the tool shaft to the tool cover and the height of the tool beyond the bottom of the V groover machine. The larger the distance, the larger the diameter of the blade that can be installed. The higher the distance, the deeper the groove. It is best to choose V groover machine with deeper and wider grooves.

Also, you should choose a V groove machine that can adjust the depth of slotting to meet different demands.

How about the market situation of V groover machine?

Chins will continue to support the development of CNC V grooving machine. During the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan period, we will continue to invest the CNC industry greatly to elevate the cultivation of core competitiveness, innovate independently, integrate quantitatively and build brand.

Numerical control processing is the trend of high-quality, high-precision, high-yield, and high-efficiency development in the V groover machine industry. The good development trend shows that the demand is still at a high level. Companies should seize the opportunity and strive to realize the transformation of V groover machine from low-end to high-end, from primary processing to high-precision manufacturing.

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