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What is press brake?
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What is press brake?

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Press brake is a kind of general equipment for bending sheet. Press brake can press metal sheet into a certain geometric shape by using a simpler general mold. For sheets of different thicknesses, V-groove lower molds with different opening sizes should be selected. The required bending force can be obtained from the bending pressure gauge.

  • What are the characteristics of press brake?

  • What are the specifications of press brake?

  • What is the future trend of press brake?

What are the characteristics of press brake?

1. The oil cylinders at both ends of the body of the press brake are arranged on both sides of the slider to directly drive the slider. A mechanical stop is arranged in the oil cylinder to control the bottom dead center position of the slider. The upward end position of the slider is adjusted by the stop beside the travel switch.

2. The bottom dead center of the slide block of the press brake and the end position of the back gauge stroke are shown by the corresponding rotation number table.

3. The torsion shaft of press brake is used to forcibly synchronize the two ends of the sliding block and can withstand a certain amount of eccentric load.

4. The upper part of the press brake is equipped with a precision compensation mechanism, which can make the workpiece obtain consistent bending accuracy over the entire length.

What are the specifications of press brake?

The accuracy of press brake is a factor that needs to be carefully considered. It is this factor that determines whether you need a CNC or manual press brake. If the press brake requires in the range of 1° and cannot be changed, you should choose CNC press brake. The repeatability of the slider of the is in the range of 0.002 inches with the deviation of 2 to 3°under the condition of using a suitable mold.

The wear of each mold must be checked by measuring the length from the front end of the punch to the shoulder and the length between the shoulder of the die. The deviation per foot should be around 0.001 inches and the total length deviation should not be greater than 0.005 inches.

When free bending is adopted, the bending radius of press brake is 0.156 times of the opening distance of the die. The opening distance of the die should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. If the bending radius is less than the thickness of the material, a punch that a radius at the front end is smaller than the thickness of the material must be used.

What is the future trend of press brake?

The press brake is a machine that can bend thin plates. Traditional processing methods in the metal sheet workshop include plate shearing, punching and bending. A large number of molds are needed. Adapting to modern metal sheet processing, press brake come into being, reducing production costs and improving processing technology.

With the development of technology, the modern production mode puts forward higher requirements for the production equipment. In the past, the press brake had to bend the entire batch of workpieces when performing multi-pass bending processing, which required continuous work of refueling. However, the stopper and the slider stroke of press brake can be controlled, which can continuously bend batches of workpieces in multiple passes. The press brake ensures that the workpieces have high forming accuracy and high degree of identity, which can greatly improve production efficiency and have a promising development prospect.

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