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What should you know about CNC press brake?
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What should you know about CNC press brake?

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The steel bent by the CNC press brake has a relatively large advantage over the others. Because the residual stress of the steel material of the CNC press brake is relatively small with dense weld seam. The CNC press brake in the production practice produces section steel with very messy interface shapes, which is impossible for traditional processes.


  •  What are the features of CNC press brake?

  •  What are the functions of CNC press brake?

  •  What are the applications of CNC press brake?


CNC press brake

CNC press brake

red CNC press brake

CNC press brake

What are the features of CNC press brake?

CNC press brake has direct angle programming with angle compensation function.

The grating ruler does real-time detection to feedback correctly. CNC press brake takes full closed-loop control. Backgauge and slider dead gauge positions accurately within 0.02mm.

The upper mold of CNC press brake adopts a quick clamping device, while the lower mold uses a wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

With multi-step programming function, CNC press brake can realize multiple automatic operation, completing one-time processing of multi-step parts. It improves production efficiency.

The imported hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure can be selected according to user requirements. The backgauge can be driven by ball screw and timing belt.

The press brake uses a touch screen with a CNC module, which makes it easy to program and very simple to operate.

CNC press brake makes full use of electrical-hydraulic control. The slider operation can realize single, continuous stroke and halfway stop operations, which is easy to realize automatic operation.


What are the functions of CNC press brake?

The user interface is the dialogue interface between the CNC press brake and all users, especially non-professional users. Through window and menu operations, functions such as graphic simulation, graphic dynamic tracking, simulation and fast programming can be realized.

CNC press brake performs visualization of scientific computing. Information exchange is no longer limited to text and language, but can directly use visual information such as graphics, images, and animation. Visualization technology can be used for computer-aided design, manufacturing, automatic parameter setting, tool compensation, display and visual simulation of machining process.

The CNC press brake is equipped with a high-performance programmable controller, which can be programmed directly with ladder diagram or high-level language. It can also be debugged and edited online to establish its own program.


What are the applications of CNC press brake?

The CNC press brake is to use the equipped mold to bend various shapes of metal sheets into various cold-shaped parts. It is used in sheet bending processing in industries such as automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, containers, elevators, and railway vehicles.

Precise metal materials are must for the aerospace industry. Aircraft requires as much of a guarantee to safety and performance as possible. CNC press brake can be used to manufacture components of the motion control, sensors and actuation systems. CNC press brakes are also able to manufacture braking and landing parts.

A variety of metal materials are produced with CNC press brake for the automotive industry, ranging from cold roll steel, stainless steel, aluminum to carbon steel. They would become transmission covers, seat parts, brake components, battery housings, and many other parts used in building automotive engines.

Metal bending is to create aesthetically components that are perfectly rounded and finished. The materials bent by the CNC press brake go into making stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, bed frames, entertainment centers, washing machines, and dryers, or even outdoor furniture


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