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CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine with Cybelec CT12 System,LZK China Red Series HPB-125T3200 ,4+1 Axes

Mechanical compensation | Segmented mold | CNC four-V die | High precision back gauge structure | 4+1 axes
  • HPB-125T3200

  • LZK

Rack machining

The bending machine frame is integrally processed by a large floor boring and milling machine.

High precision electro-hydraulic synchronization

The bending precision is higher, anti-offset and more durable.

Upper and lower mold standard segment

The mold segments are 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300 (cm), and the length can be customized by the user.

Professional CNC system

The Dutch Delem CNC system is used by default and can be customized.

Electromechanical deflection compensation

In the system, the plate thickness and length parameters are input, and the system will automatically perform deflection compensation.

High precision back gauge structure

It adopts ball screw and linear guide, which is driven by servo motor, and the back gauge is positioned quickly and accurately.

The height of the finger can be adjusted manually

The height of the finger is designed from the overall adjustment, and the height of the finger can be adjusted manually.

Angle programming|graphic programming

The user can program directly at the angle, and each step can achieve a precise bending machine.

LZK | Cybelec CT12 CNC system makes complex work easy

Using Cybelec CT12 CNC system, As part of the CybTouch range, it has an intuitive and vivid color touch screen and a high integration of functions.

With its interactive touch software interface with large keys, its 2D graphic display, on-line help, and many other automatic functions that constantly guide the operator,

CybTouch 12 is very easy to operate.

CybTouch 12 comes with a robust, modern and streamlined housing specially designed to be mounted on an arm.

125T3200 CT12 (3)

LZK |Multiple mold options to match various bending workpieces, with higher precision and faster speed

A variety of molds can be selected to adapt to the production of various workpieces, so that the bending angle of the bending machine is more accurate and the working efficiency is higher.

125T3200 CT12 (5)

LZK | Electromechanical deflection compensation

It is made of high-strength steel and has a nonlinear wave-slant block structure. It is driven by a motor and can accurately adjust the compensation amount.

125T3200 CT12 (4)

LZK | Servo main motor

servo main motor,Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise

125T3200 CT12 (1)

LZK | 4+1 axis precision fast back gauge system

The back gauge is welded by steel structure and has high rigidity. It is driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide to ensure high precision operation. The height of the beam is adjusted by CNC.

125T3200 CT12 (6)

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