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How to choose shearing machine?
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How to choose shearing machine?

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The shearing machine is a professional equipment for sheet metal cutting, which is widely used in the cutting of thin sheets of automobiles, shipbuilding, building materials, hardware machinery, and metal structures. Shearing machine is welded by steel plate, which has a compact structure.

  • How many types of shearing machines are there?

  • How to choose shearing machine?

  • How to choose the cutting tool of shearing machine?

How many types of shearing machines are there?

Dedicated shearing machine is always combined with other equipment to complete special purposes. Cold-formed line shearing machine is a special shearing machine configured on production lines. Steel-structure line shearing machine is mostly for angle steel and H-beam automatic production lines to complete the shearing process. Plate and line shearing machine is a high-speed shearing machine designed to meet the high-speed cutting requirements of the production line for the plate uncoiling and leveling line. Hydraulic high-speed shearing machine is available for thick plate line, while the thin plate line is equipped with pneumatic shearing machine.

The upper and lower blades of oblique-blade shearing machine form an angle. The upper blades are inclined, whose inclination angle is from 1° to 6°. The shearing force of this type shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat-blade one. It has a wide range of applications.

Flat-blade shearing machine has good quality and small distortion. But the shearing force and energy consumption are large. There are more mechanical transmissions. The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine are parallel to each other, which are used in hot-cutting of blooms and slabs in rolling mills.

Combined-punching shearing machine can do the cutting of the plate and the profile, which is mostly used in the blanking process. Sheet-bending shearing machine contains two processes that shearing and bending can be performed on the same machine.

How to choose shearing machine?

Determine the specifications and parameters of the shearing machine according to your own demands. You should consider the required range of the m aterial thickness of the sheared material. You can contact the manufacturer for recommendations if you are not sure.

Confirm which manufacturers produce the shearing machine to be purchased. The model produced by different manufacturers is different. Therefore, users should pay special attention to choosing the best one. Choose some manufacturers for comparison, such as the quality and the after-sales service.

It is better to pay attention to the overall condition of the shearing machine manufacturer. It is recommended to visit the factory. After removing the highest and lowest prices, choose a trustworthy manufacturer to get better price and performance ratio.

How to choose the cutting tool of shearing machine?

The development of cutting tool materials for shearing machine plays a decisive role in the advancement of cutting technology.

High-speed steel cutting tool are available for milling cutters, milling horizontal grooves and milling expansion grooves in piston processing. It is also used for drill bits to drill oil holes.

Cemented-carbide cutting tool is widely used in various processes of aluminum piston machining, especially piston rough machining and semi-finish machining.

Cubic boron nitride cutting tool is used in the process of turning cast iron ring grooves for inserting cast iron ring pistons. It is also used in the processing of piston three-dimensional profiling.

Diamond cutting tool can make use of the high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high stability and high surface finish processing of materials. It is an ideal tool for shearing machine.

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