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shearing machine
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  • 2022-08-15

    How to install shearing machine?
    For simple cutoff of metal parts, the shearing machine is a very tempting option, which is fast, easy and cheap. The shearing machine involves a moving blade applying pressure and pushes a workpiece up against a fixed blade. What are the specifications you should know about the shearing machine?How
  • 2022-08-10

    What is the difference between shearing machine and laser cutting machine?
    The shearing machine cuts sheet metal, plates, bars, and tubing of various cross-section into pieces by subjecting to shear force. It typically uses a punch and a die, which may be of any shape that is similar to a pair of scissors. Both the shearing machine and the laser cutting machine can shear t
  • 2022-08-09

    Does shearing machine need to be lubricated?
    The shearing machine is an automatic processing equipment that precisely controls the size of the sheet metal processing, performs automatic cycle shearing processing of metal sheets, and transports to the next step by a feeding cart. The shearing machine is used on the production line to cut the sh
  • 2022-08-07

    How to use shearing machine?
    Shearing machine is a kind of equipment that can cut the metal sheet, automatically count, and send to the next process by the feeding car according to the processing requirements. It is widely used in machining. Shearing machines can cut steel plates of various thicknesses. l What are the structura
  • 2022-08-03

    How to maintain shearing machine?
    Shearing machines are to cut all kinds of metal plates. In the manufacturing system of plate flexibility, the shearing machine is often indispensable. Shearing machine belongs to the type of straight-line cutting, which is mainly used to cut the straight edge of various sizes of metal plates. What a
  • 2022-08-01

    How does shearing machine work?
    Shearing machine is very important in the era of scientific and technological development. In terms of work efficiency, many enterprises have seen the light in the production of finished products due to shearing machine. They play a very important role in processing such as metal and non-metal plate
  • 2021-12-16

    What are the functions of shearing machine?
    Shearing machine utilizes a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade, using a blade gap to apply shearing force to metal plates. The shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, whose main function is in the metal processing industry. l What are the functions of shearing machine?l What are the
  • 2021-10-20

    What are the features of shearing machine?
    Shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to make a reciprocating linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. A shearing force is applied to cut off sheet. Shearing machine plays the role as an industrial machine that cuts metal or a machine that cuts the wool off sheep. Wha
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