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How to install shearing machine?
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How to install shearing machine?

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For simple cutoff of metal parts, the shearing machine is a very tempting option, which is fast, easy and cheap. The shearing machine involves a moving blade applying pressure and pushes a workpiece up against a fixed blade.

  • What are the specifications you should know about the shearing machine?

  • How many parts does shearing machine contain?

  • How to install shearing machine?

What are the specifications you should know about the shearing machine?

When purchasing metal shearing machine, take the required dimensions fitted various workpieces into account.

Sheet thickness is the sheet or web thickness that can be sheared. Sheet length is the largest dimension of working distance from right to left that can be cut. Sheet depth is the distance from the centerline of the ram to the back frame in a gap frame.

Operating a shearing machine requires strict adherence to safety procedures. Operators can activate the shearing machine using several methods. Operators can control manually by a footswitch, pendant, or push-button. The automatic shearing machine automatically performs without intervention. The shearing machine changes tools and parameters in a pre-programmed manner, such as speed or applied load.

Shearing machines require periodic maintenance. The blade performs sharpening on a regular basis so that shears do not yield poor quality cuts. The angle of the cutting edge and the finish of the grind play important roles in affecting performance and lifespan.

How many parts does shearing machine contain?

The shearing machine is composed of a frame, a pressing mechanism, a blade gap adjustment device, a knife holder, and a hydraulic system.

The rack adopts a combined welding structure with good rigidity, including left and right columns, front wall panels, workbenches, and fuel tanks.

The pressing mechanism is composed of a set of material pressing feet installed at the bottom of the frame beam. After the pressurized oil gets into, the presser foot plunger presses down the steel plate. The presser foot does not reset depending on the spring force until the shearing machine stops.

The adjustment of the upper and lower cutting tool gap is realized by rotating the blade gap adjustment device handle to drive the two pinion gears on the shaft. Rotate the sleeve on the supporting shaft.

The knife holder of the shearing machine is an enclosed-welded structure, having high torsion resistance and good rigidity. It is connected to the frame by two ends of the support shaft, equipped with a shearing and return cylinder.

How to install shearing machine?

The shearing machine must be installed on a solid concrete foundation and fastened with anchor bolts. Install it by a secondary irrigation installation method. Place a level it on the work table for vertical and horizontal correction.

The left and back sides are higher than the right and front sides within the allowable range. All parts of the shearing machine must be inspected comprehensively. Add lubricating oil according to the lubrication diagram. Adjust the tightness of the V-belt and the spring tightness of the pressure plate. Adjust the tightness of the brake belt.

When adjusting the gap of the cutting edge, rotate the flywheel to bring the upper knife holder to the bottom dead center. Loosen the screw fixed the blade. Determine the gap value according to the thickness of the plate. Tighten gradually the bolts and nuts to adjust to the required gap. Finally, tighten all the bolts of the fixed blade of the worktable.

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