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What are the features of shearing machine?
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What are the features of shearing machine?

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Shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to make a reciprocating linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. A shearing force is applied to cut off sheet. Shearing machine plays the role as an industrial machine that cuts metal or a machine that cuts the wool off sheep.


  •  What are the features of shearing machine?

  •  What is the parameter of shearing machine?

  •  What is the development of shearing machine?


Shearing machine

shearing machine

high-end shearing machine

shearing machine

What are the features of shearing machine?

The shearing machine is all steel welding mechanism. It has a good performance in reducing vibration stress, which has good rigidity and stability.

Shearing machine adopts advanced hydraulic integrated valve block in compact structure. It can reduce pipeline connection, improving system reliability and maintainability.

The series oil cylinder makes the shear angle not change during cutting. The main oil cylinder fixed on the wallboard moves downward to control shear movement. The nitrogen cylinder controls the returning. The hydraulic system is simplified and the operation is more stable.

Shearing machine uses hydraulic transmission, which has light weight, low noise, lightness, reliability, and overload performance.

Standard shearing machine is equipped with five stations and dual hydraulic workstations, which can work independently at the same time. The shearing machine does not need any horizontal adjustment.

Shearing machine uses CNC control system to increase automatic punching and cutting efficiency.

The frame of shearing machine is welded by the whole machine. After high-temperature quenching treatment, it has high rigidity and high strength.


What is the parameter of shearing machine?

The major parameters in shearing machine are the shape of the punch and die, the speed of punching, lubrication, and the clearance between the punch and the die.

The clearance between the punch and the die is a major factor in determining the shape and the quality of the shearing machine. As the clearance increases, the zone of deformation becomes larger and the sheared edge becomes rougher. The sheet tends to be pulled into the clearance region. The edges of the sheared zone become rougher. Secondary operations may be required to make smoother, which will increase the production cost.

Edge quality can be improved with the increasing speed of punching of shearing machine. Sheared edges can undergo severe cold working due to the high shear strains. The hardness of the edges will reduce the ductility of the edges and adversely affect the formability of the sheet during bending and stretching.


What is the development of shearing machine?

As the high-end CNC machine tool and blade mold industrial base and a demonstration zone of the shearing machine industry, Bowang District, Ma'anshan, Anhui is established to create a national export industrial product quality and safety demonstration zone and a shearing machine industry.

In recent years, Bowang District has focused on the CNC shearing machine and blade mold industry. Through recruiting large-scale enterprises and internal cultivation, it has promoted the continuous expansion of the total volume and improved quality. It aims at well-known domestic and foreign companies to attract investment proactively and accurately.

As the demand for shearing machines rises, the importance of the corporate brand is undoubtedly highlighted. Most people value is the company's brand image when buying shearing machine. A good company brand can attract customers' attention, which lays a solid foundation for the sales. The share of CNC shearing machine in Chinese enterprises has increased year by year.

We, shearing machine manufacturers, should improve the level of independent intellectual property rights through continuous technological innovation. We devote to developing more high-end shearing machine.


Learn more something about shearing machine can know the features of shearing machine and the development of shearing machine. LZK CNC Machine Tool(Anhui) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can answer your questions if you have any doubts.

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