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How to use shearing machine?
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How to use shearing machine?

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Shearing machine is a kind of equipment that can cut the metal sheet, automatically count, and send to the next process by the feeding car according to the processing requirements. It is widely used in machining. Shearing machines can cut steel plates of various thicknesses.

  • What are the structural characteristics of shearing machine?

  • How to use shearing machine?

  • What should be paid attention to when using shearing machine?

What are the structural characteristics of shearing machine?

The frame of shearing machine adopts steel structure that has left and right vertical plates. The workbench and the blanking plate are welded into a whole structure. After welding, the internal stress is eliminated by tempering so that the shearing machine has high rigidity and stability.

The tool holder of shearing machine adopts a steel structure. Under the thrust of the cylinders on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin to complete the shearing action without the need for a guide rail system. At the end, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool holder returns quickly and automatically. Shearing machine has a mechanism for quickly adjusting the blade gap.

The backgauge of shearing machine is installed on the tool holder and swings with it. The adjustment of the backgauge distance is driven by a motor, which is transmitted respectively to the left and right screw rods through a transmission shaft and a pair of sprocket pairs, driving the backgauge to move back and forth along the guide rod. There are two buttons to perform the forward and backward coarse adjustment. There is an adjusting hand wheel on the button box to fine-tune the stroke and positioning. A mechanical display meter displays the distance of the backgauge.

The hydraulic system of shearing machine is installed on the end face of the oil tank, which is fixed on the frame beam. It is easy to clean and disassemble. The system pressure is supplied by the oil pump.

How to use shearing machine?

When the material to be cut is fed, it is automatically transported in the right place of shearing machine by the motor.

The cut size of the sheet is fixed. Shearing machine controls the position to ensure the accurate cut size.

The shearing machine presses and cuts the sheet material after the material is positioned. The main motor drives the presser and the cutting tool.

The stopper allows the knife to move to a certain long position. Rotary unloading of sheet bracket.

The operation of the feeding cart includes automatic return after unloading.

The size setting, automatic counting and the number of sheets should be pre-set. The corresponding position signal detection switch must be set in the system. The installation positions of the various detection components of the shearing machine, the presser compression travel switch, the stopper fixed-length switch, the trolley status information switch, the trolley in-position switch, and the unloading in-position switch should be checked.

What should be paid attention to when using shearing machine?

Shearing machine needs professors to be responsible and operate. The operator should be familiar with the structure and performance.

Shearing machine is used to cut metal plates with a thickness of 1 to 12mm. The cut sheet is based on mild steel with a tensile strength of 450N/mm² and an elongation of 25%. If you need to cut the stainless-steel plate, the cutting thickness is 1 to 6mm.

Before starting the shearing machine, check whether all parts are normal. All sundries and tools should not be stacked on the workbench.

The operator is not allowed to remove the protective fence. He must not put his hands between the upper and lower blades. The shearing machine needs to stop when picking up and cutting the workpiece to keep the movable parts at the rear of the shearing machine from injuring others.

Learn more about shearing machine can know how to use shearing machine and the warnings of shearing machine. LZK CNC Machine Tool(Anhui) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a long history in manufacturing shearing machine. If you have any doubts, contact us!

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